What an Amazing Course!


I have no questions to ask, I just want to express my admiration for the effort put into this course! This course is filled with thoughtful and practical explanations, as well as patient answers from instructors.

It took me two months to complete this course, which is three times longer than I expected. Fortunately, I adjusted my mindset to prioritize stability over speed.

I would spend a day or two fully understanding concepts like "signal mechanism" and "class inheritance". In retrospect, spending such time was worthwhile. Because these basic concepts permeate the entire Godot project, and I no longer have to be puzzled by the same problems.

The biggest difficulty I encountered was the Final Course Challenge. It was a challenge in terms of mentality. There were several times when I had the impulse to skip some sections. A good solution is to stop, even completely stop, take a break, rather than hastily skipping sections. Finally, I completed the final course challenge in a very slow but fully digested manner, and the gains were substantial!

Out of personal habit, during the entire learning process, I gradually switched from Godot 3 + GDScript to Godot 4 + C#, for which I dealt with many additional problems, including Godot version compatibility issues, rewriting GDScript as C#, etc. These extra tasks gave me a more comprehensive understanding of Godot.

The reason I was able to do these things is because I was helped by two great tools, both of which are free:

1. Microsoft's chatbot Copilot: It is really good at answering programming questions. More importantly, I can ask it even the most basic questions without feeling ashamed. Although it sometimes makes mistakes, its merits outweigh its flaws.

2. Obsidian: When I realized that the complexity of game development knowledge is not something the human brain can remember, I found this software. I recorded everything I understood in it, placed it in an easily indexed manner, and gradually formed a Godot dictionary. I can quickly look it up when I need it, it's like a hard drive for the brain, taking on the task of storage. This allows the brain to relax completely and understand new things.

This is what I wanted to share. I enjoyed this journey and will continue!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks much for the kind words and the detailed feedback! You have some great pointers there. Best of luck as you continue on your journey!