shaky rocks


hey there, just finished this lesson and noticed that my rocks are shaking a tiny little bit when i move with godot around. was just curious if anybody noticed it before and maybe what's the cause.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    That's some strange jitters you have here! I've never seen jitter this strong, but this seems to me that it could be cause by the GPU pixel snapping project setting, which we turned on for this course's projects. This option causes the graphics card to try and snap the drawn pixels to match pixels on the screen, which can cause very slight jitters (usually not too noticeable).

    At the same time, in Godot 3, it helps to prevent little gaps from appearing between tiles on tilemaps, which is a common rendering issue with tilemaps.

    Could you please try going to Project -> Project Settings..., then look for Rendering -> 2D and turn of Use GPU Pixel Snap and see if this helps?

  • k
    kingkhan replied

    hey nathan, thanks for getting in touch. turned it off and it did what expected but now everythings a bit shaky now (except for the rocks) just when the dragging of the camera comes to an end.

    either if i turn off the randf for the rock placement or the camera doesn't follow the player i can get it to stop the shaking (with gpu pixel snap on). it's not that much of a problem, was just curious.