UI Elements so far


Hi, I'm watching the scoreboard tutorial and wanted to ask a question and if this is right so far:

PanelContainer: A container which can draw an area/panel example a background.

MarginContainer: Adds Margin to child nodes

VBoxContainer: Stacks the child nodes vertically

HSeperator: Draws a horizontal line

LineEdit: Makes an Input Field

And I wanted to ask what exactly the control node does, is it like the base class for UI? 

Best regards!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    You got it exactly right! Great job.

    And yes, the Control node is the base class for UI. It defines all the shared properties and settings of all the other green nodes in Godot. The ability to resize and use layout options in the editor toolbar, and more, they all come from the Control class in the Godot engine.

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