Is the scoreboard tasks correct in the latest version of this tutorial?


When I click on the scoreboard dropdown in version 1.2.1 i get the tasks: The inventory grid, the poem, and the to-do list. I just thought I'd ask because I don't think you cover those in these upcoming videos

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Yes, they're correct. There are two phases to these tutorials:

    1. First, you want to follow along the lessons step by step. You should find instructions in the lessons as to which files to open, where to save scenes and scripts, and so on. These are step-by-step follow-along lessons.

    2. Then, usually at the end of lessons, you'll find a heading saying "Practice: " followed by the name of a practice to open. These practices are what you're seeing in the GDQuest Practices dock on the right of the Godot editor by default.

    We know that the module To Space And Beyond confused some people because the practices have the same visuals as the lessons. This is something we're looking to address in the Godot 4 remake of the course.

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  • InstantVase replied

    Thank you so much for the speedy response, I'll definitely take that into account with the upcoming tasks! I was thinking that might have been how it was but i wanted to double check. Once again, thank you so much <33