Detached tiles


I often get generations for organic rooms where a tile is either only connected by the edge:

or detached from other tiles entirely:

Is there a fix for this or would it require a whole different generation approach?

(Note, this only happens after I increased the level size and max rooms from the default. )

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Attached only by the edge, this can definitely happen with the "pixelization" or "quantization" algorithm we use here: we convert a polygon with relatively precise edges to a small, discrete number of tiles.

    So this is a limitation of the generation approach, and also a good reason why in most games, especially indie, rooms are generated as a bunch of upright rectangles, or they can be decomposed into a bunch of rectangles, but not turned like this.

    I tried increasing numbers on my end and couldn't reproduce the issue with a tile being isolated unfortunately.  It seems to happen when the tip of the shape is especially thin, so for this, a solution would be preventing the generated polygon from getting so thin, by ensuring the vertices are never too far away from the corners of the rectangles. Though I think the applications of these organic rooms are limited in games, so it may not be worth investing a lot of time on.