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Brian Rogers

How to get auto-completion for static type hints?

Greetings, I'm enjoying the class very much. Congrats on a such well produced and informative class. My current question is about Auto-Completion. At the 3:00 mark on the Coding the State (1) video, the auto-complete options are different than mine. My version: _unhandled_input(event): The "Coding the State (1) " video @ 3 sec mark: _unhandled_input(event: InputEvent) -> void: is that a problem? or , do I need to enable something in preferences or Project settings? Thanks for your time, Brian
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    I've been wondering the same thing. Thanks for the answer!

  • Glad you could find it! I've updated the title of your post so people who have the same question can find the answer more easily.

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    Brian Rogers

    Hey anyone!

    Here's the answer to my own question!

    Go to the Editor menu on top bar. Select Editor Settings. On the General tab, go to Text Editor -->Completion. Enable "Add Type Hints" checkbox. Mine (Godot v3.2, beta4) was off by default.

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