Having a hard time extracting my level


I finished the entire lesson, and so I decided to make my own level: it had everything: the walls and floors, the player, bats, disapearing platform, I added spikes, and respawn points, I played around with the camera to make nice transitions, but when I decided to export it as a mac game, I thought that I only needed to extract the folder:

so I made a new godot project, copy-pasted the Side scroller folder, deleted the practices, and tried to run it, I got 11 errors. it seems that some skins use assets from other folders, and I assume that there is also something in the background which you probably made for the practices.

So I wanted to reach out if there was a way for me to extract my level, all the scenes, and assets so that I could extract the project as a mac game?

here is the zip file if needed:


9-14 at 21.23.07.png

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    andrewjhaugen replied

    are you asking about exporting your game so that it will run on MacOS? while we do not have any resources tailored to this need specifically I would start here!

    I would go that route because it would take care of bundling all the resource connections for you if you did it correctly I believe.

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