Thank you for this great course!

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This course was great and helped me get to know the godot engine so much more. I tried the free coding app, and when I finished I thought I would try this course. I coded for roughly 20 minutes each day and this course lasted me around 80 days. This course had so much content and taught me so much. Using the godot engine, while also doing a lesson that was made perfectly for the problem in godot was really helpful for learning. I especially thought the final project was great because coding with rough guidelines and some questions to help me was the perfect amount of help I needed for that project. I again want to say that this course was so helpful for me and better than any tutorial I found thank you so much for creating it.

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    andrewjhaugen replied

    Great work graydog5000! way to make it through all the way its not easy! I will be sure to tell the rest of team how much you enjoyed the course it definitely helps to know our hard work is helping folks :)