how to use tween.seek(INF) feature in this case


Like in the last project (slideshow), we learn about the if tween.is_active(): tween.seek(inf) feature to prevent players from missing out on text by clicking away too soon. How can we do that in this context, I have been trying to but couldn't. if it's simple to do can you give me some hints on how to? For now, I'm working around that by delaying the appearance of the buttons by using tweens on the "visible" of the button_columm. (line 53). While it is indeed delayed, the button will still appear before the animation on the rich_text_lable is finished. And I can't delay it any longer, because the audio will only stop playing when tween_all_completed. 

If this requires some knowledge that you will teach later down the road then never mind. if not, then I'm just curious about how to.

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    andrewjhaugen replied

    There is a signal that tween's have called tween_completed. Maybe an idea is to not respond to user clicks until that signal has been received?