Unable to assign Node2D to Target Path


The editor shows the warning, "Missing Target node: assign a Node that extends Node2D in the Target Path or make the trail a child of a parent that extends Node2D" but when I try dragging a Node2D into the Target Path, I can't (Stop sign).

When I click the Target Path, it only shows the Trail2D node itself and no other.

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    carlo_montoya replied

    Note: This is not really a blocker per se as I can still run the demo.

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    andrewjhaugen replied

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    carlo_montoya replied

    Hi Andrew.

    Thank you for the explanation.

    I was confused re usage because when I attach the Trail2D to a Node2D, the warning (yellow icon) never appears.  It only appears when the Trail2D scene is the root node.

    I already marked your reply as correct.