How would one make the character decelerate over time when coming out of sprint?


I noticed that even in Nathan's version, when you release the sprint key, your speed is instantly clamped to (+/-)500. In my case, it bugs me, because I purposefully wanted to add a Sprint state, thinking it could be good for a more complex character controller. The result is that my character can't carry momentum into a jump, because switching to the Air state immediately clamps it.

If I wanted to make it so any time the player is somehow above the max speed, they decelerate to the max speed over time, how could I do it properly? I tried lerp() but it still keeps on accelerating faster than it decelerates.

static func calculate_velocity(
old_velocity: Vector2,
max_speed: Vector2, # limite (clamp)
acceleration: Vector2,
deceleration: Vector2,
delta: float,
move_direction: Vector2
) -> Vector2:
var new_velocity: = old_velocity

new_velocity.y += move_direction.y * acceleration.y * delta

if move_direction.x:
new_velocity.x += move_direction.x * acceleration.x * delta
elif abs(new_velocity.x) > 0.1:
new_velocity.x -= deceleration.x * delta * sign(new_velocity.x)
new_velocity.x = new_velocity.x if sign(new_velocity.x) == sign(old_velocity.x) else 0
#new_velocity.x = clamp(new_velocity.x, -max_speed.x, max_speed.x)
#new_velocity.y = clamp(new_velocity.y, -max_speed.y, max_speed.y)

if new_velocity.x < -max_speed.x:
lerp(new_velocity.x, -max_speed.x, 1 - pow(1,delta))
if new_velocity.x > max_speed.x:
lerp(new_velocity.x, max_speed.x, 1 - pow(1,delta))
if new_velocity.y < -max_speed.y:
lerp(new_velocity.y, -max_speed.y, 1 - pow(1,delta))
if new_velocity.y > max_speed.y:
lerp(new_velocity.y, max_speed.y, 1 - pow(1,delta))

return new_velocity
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    andrewjhaugen replied

    One of my colleagues looked at this and pointed this out.Capture.jpg