How to specify which tilemaps the robot collides with

Hi again.

Apologies if this was explained earlier and I've forgotten, but I'm wondering how to specify which tilemaps the robot collides with. For instance, the robot doesn't collide with the Floor tile map (layer 2), but it does collide with the Limits tilemap (layer 6). The robot has both layer 2 and layer 6 masked. Appreciate any explanation someone can offer!

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    andrewjhaugen replied

    Very astute observation. In fact, yes the robot should be colliding with both the floors and the limits. So why the limits and not the floors? Well if we open up the tile set for the floors we can actually see that there is no collision shape associated with those floor tilesFloor.png

    You can see I have collision selected as far as what I want to see, but there are no blue shapes covering the floor tiles.
    Now if we open up the tileset for the Limits and I click on each one I can see their blue collider shape.

    Hope that helps!

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    Skibity replied

    Cool! Thanks for taking the time to explain that. Makes a lot of sense now.

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