My Learning Plan


Why do you want to learn to code?

1. I want to learn to code because I don't want to be bound by limitations regarding my creativity anymore. When I used RPG Maker + Plugins I always had do work around the limitations others placed there. If I stick to that, I will never break free. 

2. I'm sick of working against the engine to get results that come close to what I want or to adjust my projects and ideas to what I'am capable to do with these engines and plugins. I want the engine to do excactly do what I want! I worked with Unity, too and did some stuff there... but I ran through the tutorial hell without understanding the underlying concepts and therefore without beeing able to actually see if an approach is viable for my game or not. Surely I will watch tutorials again - but hopefully then with more knowledge, so that I get more out of them than a step by step manual can provide. 

3. Also I can use that skill at my work. When GDscript is somewhat similar to python, I know that it is very flexible because I learned the foundations of python some years ago. I'm one of the administrators of a hyperconverged server infrastructure and can only profit from becoming better at coding and scripting. I'm not known for beeing the script guy at work - and I don't need to be. But I could change that, making myself more valuable at work while also chasing my personal dreams. After all the money for this course and my setup came from my work. Time to give even more back to my cool collegues! 

4. I have the time, the reason and dedication to do so. There is no reason for me not to learn to code. And I know it can be challenging AND fun!

What is my goal?

I have a dream 2D game I want to make (like probably everybody here has). To be able to some day make it I NEED to learn to code. I need all the little bricks to build up that massive mansion some day. I won't start from zero, but I will behave like I did, to get all the knowledge I skipped throughout the years of trying to make that game in different engines. I know I need the tools to get these bricks in shape and the glue to stick them together. I love to do digital art and I love to see a functioning code that I did. I want to become as close to a "full stack" GameDev as I can.

What will you get when you reach your goal?

I will get the reward for all the years I already invested into my project, all the planing and talking and all the digital art stuff. I know that I will never reach a state to be fully independent and a professional on all that crazy stuff that is possible. So I will take this as a step to learn even more for the next projects to come and to get the most out of any other sources of learning while beeing more efficient at work, too!

Where and at what time will you practice?

I will learn every day. I have a very good pc in my bedroom next to my home office workplace that I will use for learning GDscript and Godot. Some days I will learn before work starts and some days I will learn at the evenings or both. I'm heavy into learning new stuff, but I always avoided programing + it's fundamentals, because it's hard to get... My last coding adventure was with C#. But I found python was cooler and easier to grasp. So I'm exited to see what GDscript is like. This is the first time I use Godot for whatever reason. I want to do it right from the beginning this time.

For how long will you practice?

At least 30 Minutes per day. Probably every day if there is nothing else that I need to do. I will be probably learning for around 2 to 3 hours quite often, but not every day. I will have some free days, too. There is no point in learning, when body and mind are not relaxed and if you don't feel good in the first place.

How will you avoid distractions?

I will tell my family and friends politely to not disturb me. I will set my phone completely silent. I will close all non related browser tabs. I don't need to deinstall games because making was always more interesting to me than playing. 

How will you stay accountable?

I will show my progress to my brother, because he works with me on that project. I will show my progress to a forum, where I am a longtime member to get feedback. And I will show my progress to friends and family who already think I'm a crazy nerd. :D I don't feel like the nerd I always wanted to be, because I didn't learn to program by now. Only to script a little and do very basic stuff. 

So thats my motivation and learning plan. Already cleared my desk from any distractions! Onward! :D

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    andrewjhaugen replied

    Welcome AcoBaco!
    I enjoyed reading your thorough and well thought out plan. It's clear you are tackling this adventure with clear goals of what you want to accomplish. We look forward to supporting you on your journey! I think that its great that you see the link between becoming a better programmer and also increasing your value added at your current job. That's a great win-win!


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