đŸ•£Learning Plan, Let's go !

  • Why do you want to learn to code? What’s your goal?
    • I want to try other language and want to masterize Godot because it seems to evolve well every year. I like the principle that everything is open source concerning this engine and that the community around this engine is growing day by day.
    • My goal is create a little 2D game with 3 level like Kuru Kuru Kururin (to avoid the typical flappy bird and shooter) at first. Then will see what fun to do with other prototypes game types! 2D, 3D, Multiplayer etc.
  • What will you get when you reach your goal?
    • I think I will have a solid foundation to continue working on more advanced and saleable game projects. I have never made any book but maybe depending on my experience with this engine and language, I will make one and sell it! In any case I will learn a lot of new things.
  • Where and at what time will you practice?
    • I'm not going to choose a specific time to practice. But during the week, I would say in the evening and otherwise on the weekend in the afternoon.
  • For how long will you practice?
    • I'm going to start with 30 minutes (minimum) per day as advised, time passes quickly so I'll probably spend more time per day depending on my free time. Each day of the week that I miss this work session, I will accumulate it for the weekend. So at worst it will look something like this: 30 minutes from Monday to Friday = 150 minutes lost so 2h30min to be compensated on the weekend. But I will try to be regular otherwise I can lose the rhythm.
  • How will you avoid distractions?
    • To avoid distractions, I will put my mobile on airplane mode and put it in an other castle and avoid social networks, I will not use discord at all. If at some point I really need these platforms, it will be after the essential 30 minutes of intense concentration. I'll make myself a tea if I want to stay longer and put on my headphones with music that helps me focus.
  • How will you stay accountable?
    • I will mark in my bullet journal my progress in the learning process, maybe even a Trello every day I work on Godot and maybe I will update it on Twitter and discord server. If you have any suggestions that would be fine too?!
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    andrewjhaugen replied

    Thanks so much for sharing Defrog! It looks like a rock solid plan to me! Best of luck on your journey and we will be here to support you on your way.

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