Plugin not working



First of all, thank you very much for this course, I have learnt so much so far.

I have done the lessons until the Dialogue Tree one. I opened my Godot file today after one week and I had the following issue : "Impossible de charger le script de l’extension depuis le chemin : « res://addons/PracticeTester/plugin.gd ». Cela peut être dû à une erreur de programmation dans ce script.

L'extension « res://addons/PracticeTester/plugin.cfg » a été désactivée pour prévenir de nouvelles erreures." I am sorry it's in French, but it says there must be an error in the plugin script and that the addon has been deactivated. It was working fine until then. I now can't do the practices.

When I went to the plugin file, they said there was an error on the "UIPracticesDock" script. That one says the error is in the "PracticeReverter" script. Finally, in that one, the error is on the following line: return resource_path.plus_file("..").simplify_path().

It says: The method "simplify_path" isn't declared on base "String".

Do you know what I should do? Should I download the files again, even though I have been working on it for a while? 

Thank you very much for your help!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    This error suggests that the project was opened in an incompatible version of Godot, possibly an outdated one. Could you please try opening again and make sure that you're using Godot 3.5, the latest stable LTS release? This doesn't help?

    I suppose that you didn't try opening in Godot 4, right? If you did, this will have converted files and will require you to re-download the files.

    If the error persists, could you please compress your project as a ZIP file and upload it to a platform like Google Drive, then share the download link here? I'll see if it occurs on my end too.