The way this tutorial use won't cause RESET to be added automatically


Hi, I found out that following this part of the turorial, if you create a new animation and press '+ Add Track' button to select object and its property to animate on, the property track would be added immediately, without the popup window asking you whether or not to create the RESET tracks.

However, if you try to add tracks by clicking the keyframe icon on the toolbar or sidebar, the popop window will appear as normal.

I checked the editor setting and Default Create Reset Tracks is on. It seems like a bug or something.

To add the RESET track manually, you can select the desired property state in the animation console, and click Edit to select Add RESET Value(s). Be careful that the RESET value may not always be the first one in your property animation track, e.g. PlayerDetector's monitoring property should be on, instead of being off in the first frame.

This is what I get by manually set RESET track.

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  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks for sharing. We're adding this to our issue tracker to review with the next course update.

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