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For some reason, the RESET animation does not appear as an option in my Animation player and I have no idea why. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1016395352758292591/1089907053650264153/no_reset.png?width=857&height=122

  • godoterfr replied

    Adds a property key and RESET is created, normally.

    If you add a method and insert a key for example of "init()". There is no RESET created.


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    DonVonDolo replied

    I'm having the same issue. When creating the tracks and adding the keyframes it doesn't create the RESET animation for some reason

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    There are two things you need to check. First, please ensure that the editor setting Default Create Reset Tracks is turned on:

    To check this go to Editor -> Editor Settings and then navigate to Editors -> Animation.

    This setting controls if the reset animation tracks will be created automatically by default when creating a new animation track. It should be on by default in a fresh install of Godot.

    Also, when you first add a key to some animations, before creating an animation track and inserting the keyframe, Godot gives you a checkbox asking you if you want to create a corresponding reset track. You need to make sure it's checked as shown below.

    If the checkbox above was turned off, then the RESET animation will not be created.

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    Leaves replied

    Thank you!