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I’ve done a lot of different courses over the years and I think this was pretty good. I think Heartbeast’s course is also good but this one makes you think a lot more. I had some ups and downs, felt some sections were a little confusing., BUT in the end using all the resources available I finished the course. I feel like my code skills are lacking but the important thing was I learned how to find the answers. So I wanted to say thank you for putting this course together, especially the second part which is lacking from a lot of courses. Most courses just have you follow along and don’t force you to think at all. For a veteran I think it’s okay because you already know a lot but for a beginner it’s really hard to get out of the beginner zone. Especially for me. 

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  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thank you very much for the feedback! It's great to hear, as this ability to find answers is exactly where we're trying to get people with this course.

    I wish you the best moving forward in your learning journey!

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