How to use git.

does anyone know how to use Git in Godot.

i know how to use git but i dont know how to use it here in Godot

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    If you want to use git from the command line, then the process of using it with Godot is the same as with any other programming language.

    If however, however, you mean that you want to use the version control system plugin inside of the Godot editor, then here is a link to the official documentation:

    Documentation for this plugin is pretty limited. We don't use this git plugin in the team. It seems to be fine for simple use cases but I would tend to recommend something like Github Desktop for a graphical and user-friendly git program. It has a nice user interface, helper tools built in, and the documentation is more complete.

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  • godoterfr replied

    And on Windows, this plugin has the unfortunate tendency to refuse to work with SSH. It wants HTTP + token. So, the best option for my taste, git in command line or this "Git GUI here" version with the right mouse click in the right folder.

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