Desired Velocity Affects Steering


i have a problem with the desired velocity affects steering?

(changes in the desired_velocity value should affect the steering_vector vector, but it does not.)???

your site needs an update, becouse its difficult to find the right answer. like only 5 guestions to look at, and when you try to find it in the community. the search bar needs work. the questions to the current lesson should be all in the bottom. would propapply help your workload. it dosent help that i dont speak english as my native language.

also i had problems during the lessons. what to do when you open a new lesson and start coding, because i didint know how your supposed to move on.

-like do you still code the same code or do you move to the new folder?

-because the lesson did not chech my actions? and then i did something an some debugger went on and i was bamboozled and had to start all over for 2 times

like im a noob noob at this, and there were a lot of questions to be asked.

i would be nice if the space lesson at least, would be in a one video were i could see all the steps. step by step start to finish in one sitting. saves,etc.

  • godoterfr replied
    I have difficulty understanding you. Write in your native language, I'll take care of the translation on my side. I will also give you all the tips to help you.
  • Xananax replied

    Your suggestions are good; we will have a video that demonstrates all the steps. We are also working on a new platform which should make community and search better.

    Note that we do have a lesson detailing all the steps and how to follow instructions here: https://gdquest.mavenseed.com/lessons/how-to-use-practices

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