Your practice is not looking the same?

I was having an issue here and in case anyone else is I'll type it here. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

I got lost following along because I was following along while still doing the practices and that's not what is happening in the video. Another thread called Should I be able to run this right away? seems to have had a similar issue. Two lessons ago you followed along with the Moving the spaceship lesson, than after the next lesson, Your first practice, you noticed on this lesson you can't follow along anymore and your screen looks different from the teachers.

You had something like this

now you have this

and that doesn't match the video at all.

On top of that you can't play the project with the video because the practice error messages get in the way while that's not happening in the video.

It looks like what is in the videos are separate from the Practices. I'm new to all of this and I'm not sure what the right approach is, but I feel like there was some miscommunication here. Maybe this gets addressed later, but what I did was I created two different imports of the Godot-practice files for Godot. One where I'll do the practices and one where I wont touch the practices and I'll be able to follow along with the videos going forward.

Doing this course with a friend so wanted to put this here if they get as confused as I did. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

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  • CraftyNabiTech27 replied

    I'm having similar issues with some of the earlier lessons. I had done some programming before getting Godot and picked up the basics of programming rather quickly in the first few lessons; however, in lessons 6 and 7 of the GDQuest, the lessons give excellent descriptions, but the practices leave the reader scratching their head. I am a teacher getting into programming, and I can't help but notice how the instructions could be improved. For instance, I became frustrated with lessons 6 and 7 because what was stated in the lesson was not asked of me in the practice. I read the hints, and the hints kept confusing me. It wasn't until I started adjusting numbers and rewriting the script over and over that I finally figured it out. Yes, sometimes there will be lessons that will stump you, but I don't think I got stumped in the way I'm supposed to be stumped. What I was looking for in the lessons was that I'd have to type "position.x=100" and "position.y=100" more than once. The lesson doesn't have an image showing a case where you'd use more than one plot. Thinking this way doesn't come naturally to me because I am not a programmer--yet. I do appreciate that I can practice and practice instead of being rushed like other competing online classes. I find these an easy read. I just wish the practices mimicked the lesson. This is how I learn. 

    I appreciate this service and look forward to how you answer the OP's post. 


  • godoterfr replied

    The practical exercises are completely separate from the lessons. This makes it possible to have an environment (scene and script) that is totally known to the teachers and therefore to be able to code their test.

    However, we do the same thing in the lesson and in the practice. I always found the practice very well explained. The only complexity is that you have to understand and remember what is said in the lesson. But that's the point, isn't it?

    A piece of advice: when you finish the lesson, close your scenes and scripts to have Godot empty. Click on the practice exercise, it will automatically load what you need. That way you won't get lost.

    Azazer: the video is a lesson not a practice, be careful it's two separate and distinct things.