Trying to assign value of type 'Inventory.gd' to a variable of type 'SaveGame.gd'

I made all things like in lessons

and its doesn't work

I can't make next lesson because of this 

Can somebody help please? 

Its in ObstacleCourse.gd

I copy past from lesson and also for savegame.gd

Also in previous lesson doesn't work correctly strength and endurance intelligence

upload directory obstacle course3:


  • Răzvan Cosmin Rădulescu(razcore-rad) replied

    I can't replicate the bug with your uploaded directory. It would be helpful to give us a screenshot with the expanded error so we can see what file it comes from if you can't copy paste. Also, upload the entire project because giving us a specific folder gives us a harder time figuring out your setup since the bug might be related to some other part that isn't include din the uploaded directory.

    We'll wait for you to upload the entire project so we can have a look at it. Thanks