Our roadmap for Godot 4 updates to courses

Nathan Lovato

As you saw, our courses are currently all for Godot 3.5. Godot 4.0 just came out, and it wasn't stable until very recently, so it wasn't possible to have up-to-date courses for it at the release.

When are Godot 4 courses coming out?

We're creating almost brand-new courses for Godot 4, and that's a massive undertaking, so we'll gradually roll out content in early access throughout the year. We don't have a more precise release date yet for finished products.

We'll announce a more precise roadmap publicly once we know more. But I'd say expect it to take at least a couple of months before an early access release. We want to keep making great content, and this is something you can't rush.

We'll post an update on social networks and the course platform as soon as we know more.

Also, please note that we're joining the Godot team and W4 to promote Godot at GDC this year, making this month (March 2023) really busy for three of us. The rest of the team is already working on Godot 4 content. And from April, we'll focus entirely on building the new courses all together.

Which courses will you remake first?

We'll start with the remakes of Learn to Code From Zero, then what will replace Node Essentials and the Godot Secrets series (something more ambitious and larger in scope).

Please note that regardless, there'll be Godot 4 content coming out for free on our channel and website in the meantime.

What should I do? Should I follow the courses in Godot 3.5 in the meantime?

A ton of what you will learn in Godot 3.5 will apply to Godot 4.0. So we highly recommend using our courses with Godot 3.5.

We are preparing a free migration guide to help you transfer as much of what you learned as possible to Godot 4.

Will Godot 3.5 courses remain accessible after the Godot 4 updates?

Yes, as we're creating nearly brand-new courses for Godot 4, and they'll use different technology, they'll appear as separate courses on the website.

For example, if you currently own Learn to Code From Zero, once its Godot 4 remake comes out, you will have both the existing Learn to Code From Zero and its Godot 4 remake available in your account.

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  • G
    Godotbeginner01GDQuest replied

    Are all of your courses already up-to-date to Godot 3.5?

    I bought Ultimate Godot bundle so I just want to make sure and really want to know that all courses files I can download,texts and videos in online lessons in all courses in this course platform are already up-to-date to Godot 3.5.

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  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Everything should be compatible overall, with errata where applicable, but not necessarily re-recorded or re-tested from scratch, as we have an overwhelming amount of content and a small team. But all courses were built with Godot 3.2 to 3.5, which are mostly compatible versions of Godot, with tiny exceptions for some added class names in later releases.

    We have to push forward constantly and regularly look for funding, but we do our best to keep things up to date, provide errata, and, most importantly, provide support and answer your questions.

    This last part is probably one of the aspects that'll stand out most compared to other teams. We do our best to give satisfying answers to your questions.

    Downloadable HTML lessons may not all be the latest version of said lessons. In general, we're phasing out downloadable versions of courses as a small minority of users do use them, yet they limit the quality of the content we can provide, as we have to keep all the lessons download-compatible.

    However, Godot projects should always be the latest available version.

    Note that all this is in part because we're putting loads of effort into building our own course platform from scratch, which will bring you many user experience improvements.

    new platform.png

    It's been in development since last year and inching closer to a release each month, but it's a massive undertaking for a small team like ours.

    Yet it's very important for us to do this now because we feel this is where we can improve your learning experience the most.

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  • G
    Godotbeginner01GDQuest replied

    Then are "texts and videos in online lessons in all of your courses already up-to-date to Godot 3.5"?

    I mean in the reference video is New Navigation System.But because of this Navigation2D node is irrelevant now.

    (Reference: How to Use the New Navigation System in Godot 3.5: Enemy Pathfinding
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW4Oa-4dyXA   )

    From my understanding and my main point is "all courses is Godot 3.5 online lessons courses.So if I learn these courses,I know the latest,effective way of coding for Godot 3.5."

    So I want to know if the "texts and videos in online lessons in all of your courses are already up-to-date to Godot 3.5."Latest,effective way of coding for Godot 3.5.

    (Reference: Godot 3.5 is Out, and it's SICK! Real-time pathfinding, new tween animations, and more
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjIJm2jax68   )

    Of course I know about Godot 4.0 course and migration guide but I will stick with Godot 3.5 first and for a long time because I am a beginner.And of course I guess that some of Godot 3.5 will be irrelevant...have a fate like Navigation2D but starting today is better than starting tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I understand.

    Then no, as mentioned above, everything is compatible with Godot 3.5, but not always remade to use features added in Godot 3.5. Note though that the Navigation2D node or the Tween node aren't irrelevant even in Godot 3.5.

    In general, you won't find courses out there that get remade for the latest point release of an engine or technology. We generally have some of the most up-to-date content for Godot 3 because we keep making courses (while many companies try making one or two Godot courses and then move on to teaching other programs).

    But it's not possible to dig old courses and remake substantial parts of them just to teach one feature a bit differently. That's a lot of work for not much teaching value. The most valuable learning you can get is always solid foundations and the ability to learn and combine what you learned on your own.

    And in this regard, Learn to Code From Zero is, I think, some of the very best material you can find on Godot, and some of the better material out there to get started with game development, regardless of the engine or technology.

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  • M
    Magician960 replied

    Hi, just want to confirm that the 3.5 versions of these courses will still remain accessible once the 4.0 versions are released?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Yes, they'll remain separate. I'll add this information to the first post.

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  • J
    Jellotac replied

    Will I have to buy the Godot 4 course? I have the platformer course for 3.5 and Its hard to transfer what I am learning, so do I have to buy again?

  • Hamish Turnbull(Peregrin) replied

    What about VFX Secrets and PCG Secrets?  Will those courses be updated to Godot 4, or are those topics similar enough to 3.x that some basic errata will suffice?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    JJellotac If you mean that you bought this course, https://gdquest.mavenseed.com/courses/code-a-professional-platform-game-character-with-godot, then this old course isn´t getting a Godot 4 update. As mentioned in the banner at the top of the website, for now, the products with planned complete remakes are:

    • Learn to Code From Zero
    • Godot Node Essentials
    • Godot Shader Secrets

    We have more things planned for owners of other Godot Secrets products, but we will announce that later, once we've made more progress.

    But the oldest courses, namely these four, will not get Godot 4 equivalent.