Question on coding structure/logic for base gun, bullet, and pickups

Hi all,

I'm working on a 2D game where the player will start with a pistol, and then will be able to walk over pickups to temporary upgrade to a better weapon, like a shotgun for example, for about a minute or so before reverting back to the pistol. My question is; would the coding structure/logic look something like this?:

Bullet scene:




Bullet script/class:

Contains functions for handing basic physics, on_body_entered and exit

Base Gun scene:



-Position2D (to determine where bullets spawn from)

Base Gun script/class:

Function to instance and shoot bullet scene

Function that determines fire rate, bullet speed, cooldown between shots, etc. variables

Pickup scene:

Similar to Base Gun scene

Pickup script:

Extend Base Gun class, but different variables like fire rate for the different pickup types

Player scene:

Create Node 2D scene called WeaponManager

Instance the Base Gun and Pickups as child nodes

Player script:

Functions to determine current weapon in WeaponManager and call that pickup's firing pattern set in Pickup script

I know I'm missing a couple of functions, but just trying to determine the overall correct way before jumping in with two-feet. For some reason, I keep going between adding the fire rate, bullet speed, etc to the Bullet script vs the Base Gun script.

Appreciate any opinions on this!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    There's no single correct way to go about this, but your approach sounds good. The player can hold a weapon instance, they obtain the weapon through pickups, the weapon shoots bullets, it makes sense to have these four scenes (player weapon bullet pickup).

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