I don't understand (Practices)

I don't know if it's just me but I can't seem to absorb the knowledge provided by following the Scoreboard thing. As a result, I am unable to understand the practices. What does # Set the text of the poetry line instance mean? I am very confused about everything

  • Răzvan Cosmin Rădulescu(razcore-rad) replied

    Yes, that line on its own, # Set the text of the poetry line instance doesn't mean much without the second half: Open PoetryLine.gd to learn how.

    Usually when we are instructed to set something on an instance/node/object we generally mean that there either is a set*() function or just to set the particular property if that function doesn't exist.

    In this case, if you open PoetryLine.gd it should be clear what we're talking about, because it's a function we defined.

    So the main takeaway is that we need to understand instructions and explanations in their context. Focusing too much on a sentence or part of it is a pretty sure way to misunderstanding... and possibly insanity :)

    Let us know if this is enough of a hint.

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  • C
    Ches replied
    Oh my goodness thank you so much, this saved me a lot more insanity than I already had haha
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