A bit of a nit pick

I absolutely love this coarse but it's super annoying to have to mark the section as done instead of it automatically doing it when you do the next lesson. It automatically does it fo the video though which is rather helpful.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    We'll have to see that with the new platform we're developing. This one is developed by another company and is not getting lots of user experience updates anymore.

    In this case, it's tricky because perhaps you do the lessons religiously, but lots of people flick through them, may jump ahead, or crawl the website through cross-links, in which case they really don't want lessons to be marked as done automatically, which would be as frustrating.

    When we launch our new platform, we will be able to make changes ourselves, and we will work directly with all of you to find the best compromises. It should already be a lot more comfortable because, on this new website, the lesson menu sticks cleanly to the left side.

    new platform.png

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  • Mike Hindes(RMSTech) replied

    I understand PPankPanther, and have had courses before where auto-marking lessons complete was more helpful than not. But on this course I also do jump around a lot or do lessons twice, and actually prefer to be able to  mark them complete only when I truly feel like I am completely done with it. Maybe something along the lines of an automatic - "In progress" marking with an optional "mark complete",  "revisit" , or "favorite" button, or something along those lines. It's a complex thing to figure out because different people have different learning preferences. Good discussion though.

    One feature I would like that I really haven't seen anywhere is a little box for each lesson to make a note to yourself about the lesson. With a small indicator that shows you have a note to revisit if you leave one. But not sure how popular that would be.