Bug with disappearing RangePreview

i had to comment out the following line:

_tween.interpolate_property( self, "modulate", modulate, Color(1, 1, 1, 0), tween_duration * 2.0)

Because it caused a bug for me. When I clicked the tower and the mouse exited the tower range and then clicked it once again the RangePreview simply disappeared.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks for sharing. I could reproduce some animation artifacts. I wonder if it's not due to the change in the behavior of Tween.stop() and Tween.remove() functions a couple of releases back. We've seen a couple of issues like these pop up.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Sorry, I sent the post a bit quickly but I've logged the issue on our bug tracker. Just note that our resources are limited right now and we're focusing on making a new course platform and making new, higher-quality content for Godot 4. This issue being minor I can't promise we'll fix it anytime soon, but I really appreciate the bug report.

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