Not specifed where to use loop, and i think we didn't use loop before?

there wasn't a topic about loops before. Can't get it done until i looked how to create simple loops like: "for member_line in members.size():". 
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  • GDQuestions replied

    You should've gone through 4 lessons dedicated to loops and arrays in Learn GDScript From Zero:

    It's the second chapter of this course:

    Did you not see this or skip the app altogether?

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  • szabrownick replied

    Ohh ok, everything is clear now.  I missed it here because, I did this course much earlier.  Later I did some other one on Udemy and came back to your main course and forgot where I learned it :)

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  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks for letting us know, I'm taking note of this. We'll rework the whole UI series and practices when remaking the course for Godot 4.

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