Feedback for this lesson

I think this lesson would be better guided with a video.

Also, the Fortune Cookie practice needs additional instructions.

  • GDQuestions replied

    Thanks for the feedback. We're now thinking of remaking this series (making a different kind of game altogether), though it's a big project, so it may take a good while to come out, especially as we have to consider just remaking everything for Godot 4 now.

    the Fortune Cookie practice needs additional instructions.

    Did you download the latest version of the course? We rewrote the practice instructions in the latest version, 1.1.4. If you downloaded a previous version you need to update to get the new instructions in the practices dock.

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  • W
    Wira replied

    Yeah, I agree, it's better to wait for a stable Godot 4 to create a new series.

    Never mind, I've checked the latest version and that is amazing.
    It has provided excellent details of what to do in the practices. Keep up the good work.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I'm glad to hear this helped! Don't hesitate to point out if you see another practice with poor or unclear instructions, we do our best to improve them as needed.