Completing the course

Is there an option to get a certificate of completion after completing the course?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    No, we currently don't offer this. Could you tell us more about how you'd like to use a certificate? To take note if we should consider providing someday.

  • szabrownick replied

    Completing your own small successes gives you a lot of motivation for further actions. It doesn't matter if it's a course from the basics or a much more advanced one.

    Sure, I won't get a job anywhere with such a certificate but it's a very nice addition to self-development :)
    And your courses are probably the most extensive and which also answer the questions that I ask myself during the course.

  • GDQuestions replied

    Thanks for your feedback. We do have something in mind that could be more rewarding than a virtual certificate in this case, though it's a mid to long-term feature we'd like to provide on our upcoming learning platform. Some way to visualize what you learned and where you are at in your learning journey.

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