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Hi, so I'm not entirely sure if this was intended, but when I use the code above (including the variables not listed in the photo but predefined for result checking purposes) when I run, and the test code runs in the background, my ship isn't steering but instead using the same sharp turn mechanics as the timer code we did just prior, however the test passes me and tells me to move on? Being the perfectionist I am, (even though I've passed) I'm not entirely comfortable moving on without seeing the real mechanic results run as they should. 

Weirdly enough though, I noticed a question mention multiplying "drag_factor" by delta which makes too much sense, so I attempted that with no given errors, I then get a steering mechanic although the velocity is decreased significantly so the ship barely if at all moves?  If theres no fixing the issue thats fine i still learned when i needed to, just hate not seeing the progress in real-time. Thanks!

  • Xananax replied

    Hey! It seems the image did not attach. Can you please submit your code so we can check it?