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Nathan Yungkans

drag and drop vs alt drag and drop

This came up once before I think, but when you say drag and drop are you just clicking and dragging? I had to read the text on your screen to understand I needed to hold down alt to get the node change menu. By default dragging a png to the scene automatically makes a sprite for me. Maybe I am working with base defaults but it may be worth clarifying somewhere.
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Yes, I did an alt click and drag there, and forgot to mention it. I use a key to showcase the keys I'm pressing normally to help there, but I see it didn't show the Alt either. My bad.

    I'm marking this video for a patch as well, thanks!

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    Fabian Torres replied

    I noticed your key showcase app is hard to see, mostly because the white squares are always there so when the key strokes appear it doesn't really catch your attention since you can only see those large squares on the corner of your eye. Some other apps show only the key-strokes when pressed, in a bright color with no background, so when they appear on the screen you automatically look at them.

    just my point of view, since I have seen a couple nice ones for Blender.

    but to be honest, most of the time I don't even use that feature since everything is clear and well explained.