PushWall displaying at 0,0 in the parent ObstacleCourse scene

I learned the hard way that when creating `PushWall` you must apply animation on the StaticBody2D transform, NOT the parent PushWall Node2D. This took over an hour for me to find.

I guess the lesson I learned here is that when a scene is added as a child of another node, the child scene does not have its own local coordinate space. However the StaticBody2D is a child of the Node2D scene and its transform moves relative to its parent.

Any further clarification would be appreciated.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    The PushWall node has coordinates relative to its parent, just like the static body node has coordinates relative to the PushWall node, but the parent of the PushWall node is positioned at the origin of the game world, so if the animation targets the pushwall node, it will cause it to move back to the origin of the game world.

    It's a troubleshooting point we already planned to address by release 1.2. We're just a bit swamped preparing for the release of our new, much nicer, open-source course platform. We also had to address money issues lately.