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Minor Feedback: GDScript App Inclusion. Review sheet?

We can get the score for each name using the dictionary access notation you learned in the Learn GDScript From Zero app: player_scores[name].

This is good. I had to go back to the app to remember that the "[x]" section just means whatever value you put in the for loop, and that it would automatically take each key of the dictionary to give us the value.

Descriptive variables like this always confuse me when learning code, rather than using utter nonesense which obviously isn't a programming keyword. Like using "aKeyInTheDictionary" instead of "name", just to illustrate that the exact variable doesn't matter. I get it over time, though! And everyone seems to do it this way.

Perhaps a document containing quick reference to everything we've learned in the app (like a PDF) would be useful? Of course, we could just create it ourselves by taking notes.... The only issue is taking notes that both are accurate, readable, and succinct. But just an idea!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    This is an excellent idea, definitely something that we should do. We are really swamped right now, with a big workload until May 31, so this will probably have to wait until June.