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gravity value

Whats happening with gravity value between 3 videos? it starts with 3000, then changes to 3500 and now ge are back to 3000?
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Is this an issue? You can set the gravity to any value you'd like in your game, it doesn't change the code's logic.

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    Nathan Yungkans(heronate) replied

    It is a continuity issue for people who are very new. When we see something that is different from video to video, we don't know why it is different, so we think we missed a step or we did something wrong as what we have does not match what is on screen. This is troubling for newbies. Continuity becomes a bigger issue for me in later chapters as well.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I don't learn that way myself, so it's good to know. It's actually not natural to do step-by-step tutorials for me, it's something I'm having to learn! 🙂

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    Fabian Torres(Favi_Calavera) replied

    I agree, that shouldn't be an issue... don't just copy the code people, you suppose to understand it and be able to make changes to it and creat tour own ideas with ut

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