Feedback: The challenge was rough

Most of it was pretty easy, but getting the pad_zeros to work was a bit hard. But I was pretty excited when I thought of int2str (I thought there was something like that but didn't find it) and started to look in the documentation. Anyway, this is my result:
func update_interface() -> void:
    var coins_collected: String = String(PlayerData.score)
    score_label.text = "%s" % coins_collected.pad_zeros(3)

But now I want to change it so that the PlayerData caches the coins collected when going to the next level so when you die, you don't start at 0 and you can't keep dying to collect infinite coins.

Wish me luck XD

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  • ade replied
    gl :P
  • GDQuestions replied

    It's definitely difficult, depending on how much prior coding experience you had. I think our upcoming beginner course will be much more gradual, with many practices.

    Thanks for the feedback and best of luck with your next challenge!

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