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Justin Calleja(justinc)

Part I didn't understand

This is one of the cases where a specialized engine for isometric games could be useful as you could add an exception rule to sort the player that, at the moment, does not exist in an engine like Godot.

Not sure what this is referring to. The subject of discussion was the 2 pipes (one below the engine; the other - not below). What's the sorting of the player have to do with this?


  • Nathan Lovato replied

    In this case, the text tries to explain that with a dedicated engine, you wouldn't need to draw the plugs in the machine sprites: you could have the wires draw above the machine, and the player always above the wires regardless of the scene's structure. It takes custom sorting that's not convenient to achieve in Godot and not built-in.

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    Justin Calleja(justinc) replied

    Hi Nathan :) Thanks for the clarification.