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Incorrect assign

Hi everyone, when I press 1, the game freezes and the console throw me the error: "Trying to assign value of type 'Node2D' to a variable of type ''."

I have revised where could be the mistake, but I have followed the lessons to the letter (the coding and the scenes setups are identical). Anybody knows why I'm facing this problem?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Most likely, you created one of the nodes as a Node2D instead of a BlueprintEntity, or you didn't assign the script to a Node2D that needs this script.

    To address this, you need to check the debugger and the node that triggers the error. By seeing its name or scene path, you can track back the source scene and attach the script there.

    If you have any issue finding the source scene, you can zip your project, upload it to something like google drive, and share the download link here. We'll check it out for you.


  • O
    LaloGamer replied

    Thank you, Nathan! I'll follow your instructions.

    Thanks again.

  • HobbyistDev replied

    Thank you, Nathan. I ran into this issue as well, but I didn't add the script to the StirlingEngineBlueprint scene.