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Nathan Lovato

Godot Node Essentials release 0.7.0

The cookbook is getting another major update with 9 completely new guides, and improvements to 15 other guides.

We also changed the course introduction to give you a much smoother time using node essentials.

Here's the complete changelog for this new version.

Godot Node Essentials release 0.7.0

We had to change the 3D physics engine to Godot Physics instead of Bullet, the default one. There’s a known issue with Bullet physics and the GridMap node that causes bumps when walking around levels.

Changing physics engine affects the behavior of physics nodes, so please let us know if you find any issue or edge case in the existing demos.

A difference we noted is Godot Physics is much more sensitive to property changes than Bullet. Also, applying bounce to rigid bodies made them shake.

New features

  • Add VisibilityNotifier guide
  • Add RayCast guide
  • Add CSG guide
  • Add Light guide
  • Add 3D KinematicBody guide
  • Add 3D Navigation guide with 3 demos
  • Write 3D Camera guide and add Camera demos
  • Write the 3D RigidBody guide
  • Add Particles2D guide
  • Add three 3D VisibilityNotifier demos
  • Add two 3D CSG demos
  • Add Gravity planet 3D demo
  • Redesign 3D maps in Animationplayer, AudioStreamPlayer, RemoteTransform
  • Design nice scene and add animated player to Navigation demos
  • Improve levels of RayCast and VisiblityNotifier demos
  • Write algorithm to generate collision boxes from gridmap


  • Make gridmap work with player, draw background for 3 demos
  • Improve default 3D environment
  • Use single curve for RailGrind demo
  • Redesign walljump scene, add astronaut animations
  • Make 3D camera work as a child of the player node
  • Adapt RigidBody demos to Godot Physics engine
  • Add link to our Discord server to ask questions
  • Play fall animation when walking off ledges
  • Simplify LaserBeam3D code
  • Add pictures to the roadmap
  • Redesign PushRigidBodies3D scene
  • Give nodes more search terms: searching omni keeps “Lights”
  • Rewrite introduction, reorder pages, add pictures and video
  • Improve phrasing in Area guide, add four pictures
  • Remove unnecessary setter function in PathfindingWithPath2D
  • Improve phrasing and code in KinematicBody guide
  • Improve phrasing in the Area guide
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in CanvasLayer
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in KinematicBody2D
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in RayCast2D
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in RemoteTransform2D
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in RichTextLabel
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in RigidBody2D
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in Timer
  • Improve phrasing and fix typos in Viewport
  • Improve phrasing in RayCast2D
  • Improve phrasing in Viewport
  • Minor improvements to both navigation and visibility notifier guides
  • Updated PlatformOnPath demo to allow player to jump and stick to platform
  • Add new 3D enemy model
  • Remake TileMap and GridMap foot step audio demo screens
  • Improve graphics in kinematic FPS demo

Bug fixes

  • Use single curve for RailGrind demo
  • Make demo buttons capture mouse input
  • Fix link to cheatsheet in the offline version
  • Change shattered box to use box colliders for performance with Godot Physics
  • Restore ability to hit ragdolls in ragdoll demo
  • Fix camera not rotating in some FPS demos with the mouse confined
  • Fix view not moving in some FPS view demos
  • Remove debug drawing of raycasts in FPS view
  • Fix multiple raycast turret not detecting player anymore
  • Fix error about nonexistent lights icon
  • Run formatter and compress images on VisiblityNotifier guide
  • Avoid normalization error on orientation by disabling physics processing in ready
  • Fix a RayCast issue in AnimationPlayer demos
  • Add missing call to queue_free() in 3D bomb scene
  • Cannon only fires if mouse is captured now
  • Grenade launcher only fires if mouse is captured
  • Fix remote transform camera scene by allowing Player3D to use external camera
  • Correct enemy orientation and stop unwanted hopping behaviour
  • Add player model to edge detect and improve look of ledge grab scene
  • Add type hints to variables missing types for consistency
  • Change player to KinematicBody to work with Godot Physics
  • Small fixes in GridMap guide
  • Small fixes for RemoteTransform guide
  • Small fixes in AudioStreamPlayer guide
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    spaceyjase replied

    Superb work; this has been a super-helpful reference on my dev journey. Well done GDQuest team!