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Older Course Question

Hi,  A long time ago I purchased your "Make Professional 2D Games" course from Gumroad.  It is marked as no longer available for purchase.  I was interested in getting into Godot again.  I still have a copy of that course.  Is it still valid for the latest version of Godot?  Or should I look at a different course for best practises?  I purchased it because it focuses a lot on RPG elements.  I'm interested in making a small casual RPG.  Would I be better off using something else?  If so, any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions on how to localize your game into other languages using Godot?  Thanks.

  • Razoric replied

    It's coded for Godot 3.1 for the most part, so large parts of it will continue to be relevant. But there has been large evolutions, both within Godot itself and in GDQuest's style and code/teaching quality, which is why the course has been rendered deprecated. If you have it, you can certainly learn from it - it's not that bad! - though we would recommend focusing on something more recent.

    2D Secrets has some chapters about JRPG combat systems that could come in handy, however the course in general is more intermediate level (though still very well explained and cleanly coded.) So might depend on your comfort level with Godot.

    As for localization, you can check out the official docs: