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Karl Smeltzer
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2D Secrets: Order of content is confusing

I'm quite happy with the content itself, but the structure around it feels inadequate.  For one, am I supposed to download the content locally?  If so, do I start with index.html?  Why is the order of content in index.html different from what it is on the website?  Are there dependencies between the modules?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I see the issue, we're lacking a clear introduction that explains how this course works. I hadn't noticed we didn't write one for 2D secrets like in other courses.

    In short, you can either read online or download the course to enjoy offline (recommended) and each game project is 100% independent so you can follow them in any order.  Just note several projects span over 2 or 3 "chapters" because they have over 30-40 lessons.

    Also we plan to split 2D Secrets into individual courses next year as it just grew too big. It'll be much clearer for everyone I think, and people will be able to buy just the part they're interested in.

    Thanks much for the feedback! Much appreciated.

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    Karl Smeltzer replied

    Knowing that the other modules already have introductions makes more sense.  I think breaking it into smaller modules makes a lot of sense, too.  Thanks for taking the time to respond and best of luck!