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Mateo Navarrete

how to search site

Hi there!
First of all, thank you for all you do for the community & creating this amazing resource center - this is incredible!
Second, apologies if my question may be silly but where is the search bar?
iow how do I go about searching for specific content in this course?
ie if I type 'Margin' I want to see all demos/guides that contain that search term etc. 
Apologies for the silly question and thank you for your assistance!
Sincerely grateful,

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Hi Mateo,

    There's unfortunately no search system on this platform. We're working on developing our own platform to address that and more, but that's going to take some months.

    Right now, the way you can go about that is by downloading the offline files and using a text search program; any should work as we provide the complete course as HTML files.

    I can't recommend a specific GUI program as I use the command line myself (ripgrep/rg, it works great), but there are many of those.

    That would be the best solution available right now. It has the advantages of being entirely offline, with instant search results. But you do need to download the files.

    Kind regards,


  • N
    Mateo Navarrete replied
    No worries & thank you for the suggestion to search the downloaded files - that works!